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RTCI 360°

Real-time Competitive Intelligence Service

Your Competitive Compass.

Navigate the business and tech terrain precisely, staying steps ahead of your rivals.

  Why RTCI  

Monitor, Analyze, and React with our RTCI 360 Annual Service

In the dynamic realm of modern business, real-time insights set leaders apart from followers. Our Real-time Competitive Intelligence (RT CI) Annual Service, seamlessly delivered via a cloud-based platform, ensures you're not just informed but ahead. Dive deep with regular updates, proactive monitoring, and actionable insights tailored specifically to address your enterprise's unique challenges. It's more than intelligence - it's your strategic edge in a rapidly shifting marketplace.

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Flow of Competitive Intelligence

Continuously monitor your top competitors proactively to ensure up-to-date awareness.

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Upcoming Developments

Identify critical future moves like product launches and strategic partnerships.

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Recent Developments

Assign and evaluate recent sales announcements and new solution releases.

  Methodology and Resources  

We leverage client-driven questionnaires and scout key executives (HUMINT), while vigilantly monitoring public competitor data (OSINT).

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Client-Driven Approach

Human Sources (HUMINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Detailed requirements per competitor, with regular maintenance and updates.

Scouting pre-qualified management consultants from technical and business roles.

Comprehensive monitoring of all public competitor pertinent information.

  Process and Delivery  

Convenient access to intelligence on a cloud platform, with full control of required insights, push and pull, and resource management.

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Cloud-based Platform

Easy-to-understand Battle Card format, with a collaborative "how to compete" section.

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Service Monitoring Sheet

Track usage of the HUMINT hours purchased for an efficient usage of balance.

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Service Period and Timelines

Quarterly provision of the different modules, research, and commercial wise.

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