Know your competition.
Get ahead of your market.

Compete better!

We generate unique intelligence, insights, and decision-making analysis for our clients, that change their game.

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At LINX, we deliver competitive intelligence you can't find anywhere else. With a combination of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and analysis, we cultivate unique information on your competitors and customers, that would be pivotal for your business.

Know your competition inside-out

Dive into their products, GTM strategy, pricing models, customer base...

Understand customers better

Know their real needs, future plans, precpetion on vendors, pain points...

Our Methodology

We believe that competitive intelligence is beyond the details. It has to generate actionable insights that will impact your performance.

To do that, we focus on two main factors:

The power of Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Absolute transparency with our clients

Case Studies and Success Stories

Redesign the Product 

Read how a Cybersecurity vendor unraveled the REAL features and functionalities of their competitors to gain technology advantage

Win a Major RFP

Read how a Semiconductors  manufacturer understood what  was important to the customer and what they were offered, to deliver a winning proposal

Refine the Pricing Model

Read how a Fintech vendor cracked its competitors' pricing policies among different markets, to structure a winning pricing model