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All 3 Types of Product Management Executives Need to Research Their Competition

Whether if you are technology-first, user-first, or business-first in your product management approach, you will have to learn thoroughly about your competition.

HUMINT-based research methodology means that you need to locate and interview executives with product-related knowledge about the different solutions out there, in order to reveal the under-the-hood information that you need.

Tech questions like product functionality? locate product management executives.

UX questions like users’ complaints about feature deficiency? speak with managers at the customer's side.

Business questions like pricing and licensing? interview systems integrators, partners or any other executive that we will pre-qualify to make sure they have the necessary knowledge.


We can help you to gain this 'under-the-hood' information about your competitors. Book now a free 30-min confidential webinar with our Chief Analyst where we can determine together if our unique HUMINT* approach can have an impact on your organization.

*What is HUMINT? Our experience has taught us that non-public and internal information can be gathered only by interviewing the relevant executives. Insights developed by HUMINT (Human Intelligence) about pricing models, sales channels, product roadmap etc., would bring knowledge that can be extremely valuable to you when struggling to perform in the competitive landscape.


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