Our Expertise

When it comes to strategic decisions that influence the future direction of your company, you need to know your competitors inside out. What are they developing? What's their strategy? What are the key features of their products? And you need to know before you invest time, effort, and resources in projects that could be outflanked by your competitors' innovations. It's time to get ahead of the curve.




As a product management executive, you know that the actual functionality of your competitor’s offering can be very different from their marketing messages, and it may be hurting your company’s competitive positioning. You need answers to questions such as what validation techniques do your competitors use with customers (such as demos, proof of concepts, usability tests); what specific functionalities are included in their product roadmaps; key events such as product launch dates, etc. 
You also have detailed and specific requirements about your competitors’ products and services that no amount of internet research on your competitors’ websites, or tradeshow research in their booths, or speaking to analyst firms is going to fulfill. 
LINX’s unique Humint methodologies are able to extract your detailed intelligence requirements, unlike any other techniques you may be currently deploying.



In the different technology verticals, sales is a complex process. Large multi-million dollar deal lifecycles can range from a few months to years, with multiple stakeholders (CIOs, CTOs, IT departments, end-users, and procurement) involved.
LINX’s Account Intelligence activities help your sales executives gather crucial and unbiased information on key accounts and give you vital intelligence to hone your messages to cater better to the complex needs of your customers:

- Current installation of your competitor, including: deal size/ scope, implementation process, missing functionalities, usage of features and modules, weaknesses and much more.

- Your clients’ perceptions about your company and your product.


If your company is in an RFP/ RFQ process, you need to understand the perceptions of your customers not only for your company’s products but also those of your competitors.

LINX’s Account Intelligence has helped our clients win multi-million dollar bids by providing crucial pricing and account management intelligence.




Our customers’ strategy teams require evidence-based research to develop and execute a winning commercial strategy. From identifying unmet needs of your enterprise customers to a differentiated value proposition unique to technology markets to identifying new disruptors in your market, LINX’s human intelligence methodologies help in optimizing your company’s strategy based on demand-side and channel partner interviews.




In the tech world, pricing a solution is one of the most complex elements of any vendor’s go-to-market strategy. Vendors will deploy a whole host of pricing mechanisms from per machine throughput models to per seat pricing. These are usually overlaid with complex service contracts and use case based pricing. Our clients hire us to understand their competitors’ pricing and discounting structures in order to set their own pricing models.



Corporate development teams, venture capital firms, and hedge funds hire LINX to provide them with independent, evidence-based research. While corporate due diligence processes can reveal a wealth of information on your targets, only an independent review of your target’s suppliers, customers (and potential customers), and ex-employees will provide you with ‘under the hood’ intelligence that can help set fair valuations on your targets or whether to acquire them at all. Our clients have hired LINX to provide insights that have helped them close large corporate transactions and also helped senior leadership teams walk away from transactions based on our due diligence.