Our Solutions

Our market intelligence services facilitate organizations' most critical challenges and opportunities: strategy, marketing, product development, operations, technology, transformation, digital, analytics, finance, and mergers & acquisitions across all industries and regions. We bring deep, functional research, but are known for our pragmatic perspective: we bring validated information that is actionable. 

Market Expansion

Linx’s market intelligence services can support your Market Expansion assignments, such as analyzing and replacing competitors, winning Requests for Proposal (RFPs), recognizing clients’ needs, identifying market trends, developing a go-to-market with the appropriate pricing model, and improving product capabilities to generate new growth-engines.

Services recommended for you:

Competitors Analysis

A transparent program to reveal competitors’ strategy, product roadmaps, pricing, and much more. Identify threats to avoid being blindsided, diagnose weaknesses to improve performance.

Key Accounts Intelligence

A prospect pre-decision exercise to gain a deeper and more actionable understanding of competitors' current status of your competitor’s activity and deployment at customers.

Win/Loss Analysis

A research exercise that focuses on de-constructing sales processes, by conducting deep interviews with new clients or lost prospects, to synthesize it quickly and accurately, and to use it to facilitate continuous improvement across the organization.

Demand-side Analysis

Customer needs analysis dessambling the demand-side requirements, used in concept development, product development, value analysis, sales RFPs and more. Other than idintifying the different types of customer needs thet the analysis might turn up, such as price, usability, convenience, support effectiveness, formulationetc., we will also provide a detailed segmentation that can help in targeting.

Battle Cards

A classic competitive tool aimed to assist sales representatives to guide prospects toward seeing the value in your solution that a client needs to go from inertia to decision.

Competitor Customers Database

Create a powerful tool for your sales team by recognising the customers of your competitors in preferred regions and reveal the necessary key performance indicators (KPIs).