Our Solutions

Our market intelligence services facilitate organizations' most critical challenges and opportunities: strategy, marketing, product development, operations, technology, transformation, digital, analytics, finance, and mergers & acquisitions across all industries and regions. We bring deep, functional research, but are known for our pragmatic perspective: we bring validated information that is actionable. 

Innovation Thrust

Linx’s market intelligence services can support Innovation Thrust assignments, such as improving your product capabilities and optimizing the product portfolio, segmenting customers and identifying market trends, improving processes and workflow, redefining customer support and services, and planning digital transformation.

Services recommended for you:

Competitors Analysis

A transparent program to reveal competitors’ strategy, product roadmaps, pricing, and much more. Identify threats to avoid being blindsided, diagnose weaknesses to improve performance.

Market Trends Report

Deeper dig into the evolving landscape to better understand how consumers and executives are responding to their new environments. Based on both primary research, such as surveys and interviews, and secondary research from reliable sources, the Market Trends reports is a quick and pragmatical way to base your decision upon

Demand-side Analysis

Customer needs analysis dessambling the demand-side requirements, used in concept development, product development, value analysis, sales RFPs and more. Other than idintifying the different types of customer needs thet the analysis might turn up, such as price, usability, convenience, support effectiveness, formulationetc., we will also provide a detailed segmentation that can help in targeting.

Enterprise Survey

An online panel targeted at consumers or executives helping companies to get reliable data by looking into the minds of the target audience. The aggregated information gathered enables organizations to develop the insights they need to make accurate business decisions - much faster than traditional interviewing research methods.