Effective decisions and actions are backed by knowledge.

We provide the intelligence to facilitate your company’s strategy, tactics and actions. The insights we give stand out because of our emphasis on human intelligence: we speak to executives and industry experts as the core, while using industry reports and analytics to deepen our analyses.

Competitive Analysis

A transparent program to reveal competitor’s strategy, product roadmaps, pricing and much more. Identify threats to avoid being blindsided, diagnose weaknesses to improve performance.

Market Scan

A 360 outlook to gain understanding about market opportunities and to respond correctly. Hear unbiased opinions from all participants in the market: vendors, customers, channel partners, system integrators etc. Each will bring a different perspective on the market, enabling you to plan more accurately. 

Accounts Intelligence

A prospect post-decision exercise to gain a deeper and more actionable understanding than a win/lose analysis. Equip your sales teams with learning about the current status of your competitor’s activity and deployment at customers. 

Battle Cards

A classic competitive tool aimed to assist sales representatives to guide prospects toward seeing the value in your solution that a client needs to go from inertia to decision.

Win/Loss Analysis

A research exercise that focuses on de-constructing sales processes, by conducting deep interviews with new clients or lost prospects, to synthesize it quickly and accurately, and to use it to facilitate continuous improvement across the organization.

Enterprise Survey

An online panel targeted at consumers or executives helping companies to get reliable data by looking into the minds of the target audience. The aggregated information gathered enables organizations to develop the insights they need to make accurate business decisions - much faster than traditional interviewing research methods.