Flexibility is key.

Choose how often do you want to gain knowledge about your market, to best fit your specific competitive intelligence needs. You can also run a pilot assignment with us, to understand our capabilities and 'taste the methodology'.

Whichever package you will choose, we will allocate a dedicated account manager to support your requirements and let you rest assure that anything that has to do with your competitors, we got you covered.


Valid until Dec 31st, 2017



Discovery Report

Medium scope research. Suitable for challenges that require validated information to support tactical decisions.

Deep Analysis

Large scope research. Suitable for backing up strategic plans and actions, by exploring high-resolution information.

Strategy Webinar

Summarizing presentation, with actionable recommendations and competitive assesments.



Competitive Analysis

A transparent program to reveal competitor’s strategy, product roadmaps, pricing and much more. Identify threats to avoid being blindsided, diagnose weaknesses to improve performance.

Market Scanning

A 360 outlook to gain understanding about market opportunities and to respond correctly. Hear unbiased opinions from all participants in the market: vendors, customers, channel partners, system integrators etc. Each will bring a different perspective on the market, enabling you to plan more accurately. 

Accounts Intelligence

A prospect post-decision exercise to gain a deeper and more actionable understanding than a win/lose analysis. Equip your sales teams with learning about the current status of your competitor’s activity and deployment at customers. 


Cloub-based CMS

unlimited users

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get notifications on mobile and email

launch projects and assignments

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create events and webinars