From Project A:


  • What is your impression from working with VendorA?

  • Which functionality is missing from the platform?

  • What are the main strengths of this platform?

  • What are the main weakness of the platform?

  • How many subscribers VendorA plans to support ( post final production)

  • Will they support Enterprise and SMB customers as well?

  • What is the scope of the project (e.g. xxx, xxx etc)

    • Which product and version is implemented?

    • What is the delivery model – On Premise / Private Cloud / Public Cloud etc.

      • Does any of the modules being implemented as cloud based? If yes, specify which.

      • Is the solution virtualized?

      • Was cloud been offered as an option?

  • Billing info:

    • Does it support both xxx and xxx? Is it xxx solution?

      • In case VendorA doesn’t support xxx, who is the xxx provider in these affiliates?

    • What are the main weaknesses of the A-SYSTEM platform?

    • What are the main strengths?

  • In case the scope includes xxx:

    • Please specify the modules in XXX that are implemented

    • What are the main weaknesses of the XXX

    • What are the main strengths of XXX?

    • UI – which technology is used to develop the xxx agent desktop?

    • Does the UI platform support development for all the channels (i.e. can a
      business process be developed once and configured to be deployed for the
      self-service channel and the call center channel?)?

    • Does the XXX product have any OOB reports to measure the call center

    • Does the XXX have any social care capabilities?

    • Are there any supported out of the box business processes?

    • Does it support self-service?

    • Does the XXX have any social care capabilities?

  • xxx info:

    • Does VendorA have a xxx PC to cover all modules (including XXX, xxx)
      · In xxx please focus on where they define the rates of the price plan
      (as I understand it’s not xxx :-)

  • Implementation process:

    • What is the implementation plan of this project? (e.g. which affiliate will be / is
      first to implement, second or is it in parallel)

    • What is the status of each one of the affiliates that are in the process? do they
      meet the deadlines?

      • In case it’s rollout based: provide information in regards to the planned
        production vs. actual.

    • In case there is a gap planned vs. actual - specify the reasons for delay

    • Project plan: Does VendorA manage the project as 5 separate projects (each
      project for a different affiliate) or will use one platform for all affiliates

      • If it’s one platform, please explain the solution – where is the data
        center, how separate affiliates are being managed etc.

    • Does VendorA implement the project or they use external SI for

    • Does the system meet all xxx requirements as were agreed on scoping?
      Please provide examples for gaps

    • What is the delivery model VendorA is using- (offshore/inshore ratio) or (local
      vs. support from VendorA’s Russia center or others as implementors?

From Project B:


  • What VendorB modules were selected?

  • What B2B services does the implementation support?

  • In which countries was the project rolled out?

  • What xxx systems were replaced during the project? Is VendorB now the main xxx system for
    the B2B call center?

  • Which of VendorB partners were selected for the project and for which scope?

  • Who was the implementing SI?

    • Did they implement the project for all countries?

    • Did they implement also the partner applications?

  • How many agents are using the system in each country?

  • Are there any plans to expand from B2B to B2C contact center?

  • Was public cloud a barrier for Telefonica in terms of security and data vulnerability?

  • Did VendorB integrate to any downstream xxx components? If so, in which country, for which
    business processes and with which vendors?

  • Which xxx was used to define the product\offers and how was synchronization issues covered
    with the enterprise xxx of the xxx system handled?

  • In each country, which system handles the ordering management and decomposition? Is it
    handled in a public cloud system of legacy?

    • Is there integration with xxx in any of the countries? If so in which country, for which
      business processes and with which vendors?






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