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                                                                   CHANNEL PARTNERS 

What do you know about your competitor's pricing models and licensing?

⛶ What type of pricing model is most common in _________ sales? 

⛶ What licensing criteria best describes how _________ vendors charged for their license?

⛶ When it comes to pricing of module x services, what type of pricing model did _________ provide to its customers?

⛶ How does _________ pricing strategy differ according to various regions?

⛶ What was _________ turnover and operating margin last year for each of its different product groups?

⛶ What are some of the key pricing strategies currently in use in this market?

⛶ In the opinion of the main 3 big clients in the market, which vendor offers the best pricing approach?

⛶ What is their price per unit for the various types of products in place in clients in the US?

⛶ Does _________ offer volume discounts? If so, how much? At what levels do these volume discounts start?

⛶ How is _________ pricing packaged within a turnkey solution?

⛶ What was the initial budget for the project to implement _________ platform, license & deployments, at a specific customer? and what was the reality?

⛶ What is the licensing method for _________ solution, perpetual or SaaS?

⛶ How does _________ bill for its maintenance services?

⛶ On which UOM (unit of measure) does _________ base their pricing and quoting - per user, per connection, or by data?

⛶ Is there more than one unit of measure per channel or per customer size? Or is it a combination?

⛶ What is the pricing structure for the different products of _________, in terms of gross costs? 

⛶ What are the average deal sizes of _________ products?

⛶ What is the customer payment model (monthly/annually, etc.) used by of _________?

⛶ What is the average annual account value of of _________?

⛶ What is the ratio between licensing revenue and services revenue at of _________?