Company Overview

Complex business challenges need verifiable and validated information. We know how.

When it comes to strategic decisions that influence the future direction of your company, you need to know your competitors inside-out. What are they developing? What's their strategy? What are the key features of their products? And what do you need to know before you invest time, effort, and resources in projects that could be outflanked by your competitors' innovations. It's time to get ahead of the curve.

Linx Market Intelligence is an Israel-based strategy and intelligence company dedicated to solving your complex business challenges through verifiable competitive intelligence. Our unique methodology is based on HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and has been honed through years of experience in elite Israeli intelligence units, and today it enables us to provide unparalleled results for the world's largest tech firms.

Where traditional market researchers and analysts present information that is often unclear and superficial, with dubious evidence, our focus is on full transparency. We not only gather HUMINT from industry executives that is actionable, specific, and independent, but also provide detailed conclusions that can be traced back to solid, verifiable evidence.

Armed with Linx intelligence, you can confidently make major corporate decisions, secure in the knowledge you have vital intelligence far more valuable and in-depth than anything conventional market research or analyst firms could provide.