Competitive Strategy Consultancy and Training

Complex business challenges need verifiable and validated information. We know how.

Whether your company allocated a dedicated employee/team to handle Competitive Intelligence (CI), or if one of the executives is responsible for the CI on top of his/her role, it is crucial to master the practice. 
Ensuring that the CI work is efficient and professional, will enable it to make a real impact on the company’s win rates, strategic directions, and market position.

With over 20 years of experience in the Competitive Intelligence domain, LINX has the best knowledge and resources to provide CI training, both for newly established teams and existing ones. We can assist by either a one-time training program to your teams and/or an ongoing consultancy with a hands-on approach to strengthening your competitive strategy results.


CI Practice Training Program

Session #1        Collection and Curation
Which competitive information is needed for your company?
What are the relevant and reliable sources in your industry? 
How the gathered information should be managed and maintained?


Session #2        Competitive Landscape 
Which competitors should be on the company’s radar?
How to prioritize competitors using the right KPIs?
How to segment competitors?
Who can be considered as your future threats? 


Session #3        Sales Enablement
How to learn from sales what is required to facilitate their work?
Which Pull/Push tools are suitable for your company to support the sales organization?
How to efficiently create deck, battlecards, newsletter, alerts etc.?

Session #4        Win/Loss Analysis
How W/L analysis is important to increase win rates and revenues?
Which indicators should be tracked as high level W/L reasons?
How to perform in-depth W/L analysis across the organization?


Session #5        Internal Communication and Distribution
How presenting CI is different from presenting research?
What to emphasize when reporting insights to management?
Which processes to implement in order to use employees as sources?


Competitive Strategy Consulting Service

Step 1. Defining competitive strategy and messages.

Step 2. Setting tactical “How to Win” guidelines in incoming opportunities.  

Step 3. Implementing the win/loss analysis process on each case.

Step 4. Running an ongoing competitor replacement campaign.

Step 5. Developing a tailored model to engage with key accounts. 

Step 6. Running sales enablement campaigns.