Case Studies

Take a close look at challenges that we were called to support, the solution we provided, and the impact that our insights contributed.

Linx has undertaken hundreds of key competitive and product intelligence projects, where clients chose to use our double-blinded and evidence-based methodology to get to the bottom of their real issues.

Here you have an opportunity to take a close look at 3 challenges that we were called to support the solution we provided and the impact that our insights contributed.

Case Study: NFV/SDN   

Virtualization, as well as the intersection of NFV/SDN architectures with key operator infrastructure such as Subscriber Data Management (SDM), is an interesting market. In this project, we were able to save our client, a leading global SDM vendor, millions of dollars in product development, sales enablement, and marketing costs by providing them with unbiased research on the commercial feasibility of a multi-purpose UDC proposed by our client. 


Case Study: Learning Partners    

We have undertaken key projects in the area of learning certifications, particularly in the context of how incumbent vendors such as Cisco, HPE, IBM, and others market and monetize their learning offerings to their enterprise and service provider end-user customers.


Case Study: BTS Antennas     

We have looked at key vendors in the space of BTS (Base Transceiver Station) antennas, who market antenna solutions, including complex and intelligent antenna solutions for their Communications Service Provider (CSP) customers.