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Why Analyst Relations?
Why shouldn't I do it myself?
Why outsource it to us?

Why Analyst Relations?

Analysts must be picky in their research portfolio

Conducting a research holds a limited amount of resources the analysts can put.  Vendor briefings are crucial for analysts’ education for that matter. If you succeed in conveying information to the analysts comprehensively, you will win the right attention and the chances are higher that they will include your newly developed technology in their report. If, however, they will fail to learn the right news from your company, they will probably leave you out, or worse: cover you negatively.
You must excel in the right communication with the key analysts, knowing their editorial calendar and knowing which analyst cover which area at what time.

Analysts influence CIOs

Each mention you will gain in a research published by an analyst or when he or she will respond to their client's inquiry will grant you access to a sales lead. Large firms, such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester and Ovum influence half of technology procurement decisions.


Facilitate your sales team

Showing research piece from a credible analyst firm about how your technology and solutions are reliable, will help your sales team efforts tremendously in gaining trust among their prospective clients and assist you with business partnerships.

Free strategic advisory

Industry analysts shape the decision-making process of technology vendors, therefore they are constantly educated about new technologies, competitors' value propositions. This knowledge can deliver insights that can focus and strengthen your go-to-market plan. These insights will be generated through the right communications with the right analysts.


Why shouldn't I do it myself?

Managing the engagement correctly is crucial

You cannot mistake when competing over the analysts’ trust with dozens of other vendors in your field. We know how to make the right first impression, how to create a dialog and not a one-way speech like you are trying to sell, how to provide them with the right materials, how to chase them and apply for lobbying work so you will be included in their next report. 

Setting up your outreach from A-to-Exposure

Our AR team will manage your outreach program with a series of interactions with relevant industry analysts, including briefings and other interactions, targeted to create credibility and ensure exposures.

> Understanding your business strategy and adapting it to the AR plan;
> Selecting the key analysts for your firm, sorting them as first, second and third circles;
> Being aware of the global conferences and knowing which analysts are going to what events;
> Setting up all interactions, such as telephone briefings, event meetings, and analyst inquiries;
> Creating the proper presentations for the vendor briefings, highlighting the key messages that will most interest the analysts.

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