From BTS Antennas Project:


  • In what capacity does System Integrator X work with Competitor X’s products? Which product lines does Systems Integrator X work with and in what capacity (SI/reseller/technology partner/etc.?)

  • What are the key market regions for Competitor X’s products?

  • What are Competitor X’s three top competitors in System Integrator X's market?

  • What are the key sales and marketing tactics employed by Channel Partner X for Competitor Y’s products? How do these tactics work in terms of helping Competitor Y compete in the BTS antenna market?

  • Which are the most important antenna solutions in Competitor X’s roadmap for the next 5 years regarding: (i) Passive antennas; (ii) Active antennas (semi and fully active)


From Contact Centre Solutions Project:

  • Is Chat Solution Vendor X moving to direct partnerships, or sales through channels?

  • Is Chat Solution Vendor X going direct in the US market and through partners in the Rest of the World?

  • What your perception of the quality of the Workforce Optimization Vendor X's Sales and alliance team's management of the relationship? Did you regularly interact with other personnel from Workforce Optimization Vendor X? What was your perception of them?

  • Internet of Things

  • Please describe Home IOT Platform Vendor X's main partnerships and the respective scope of relationships.

  • Please describe the nature of the partnership between Home IOT Platform Vendor X's and Automotive IOT Vendor Y for its connected car technology.


From OSS / BSS Systems Project:

  • Does the Vendor X/Systems Integrator Y Strategic Alliance include an offer in the BSS domain, with a particular emphasis on any Cloud BSS product currently being offered to CSP X?

  • What does Vendor X (mainly what BSS components are part of the offering) provide and what does Systems Integrator Y provide as part of the partnership?

  • What is the Cloud offering for the Telco industry in this partnership?

  • Are any of the BSS components offered as-a-service?

  • Is multi tenancy supported by the partnership?

  • Are there any ongoing projects in this multi-tenancy mode? If so, where, when has it started and what is the scope?

  • Is the cloud offering public\private (hosted by Systems Integrator Y\Vendor X\ private hosted by the service provider)?

  • Why should a service provider choose this offering instead of the traditional on - premise BSS offering?

  • Are there any demos built around the offering to show how the partnership works? If so – which flows / scenarios are covered?

  • Are there any additional 3rd party vendors that take part in this offering?

  • What is the digital offering of the partnership? In particular:

    • a. What is its scope and architecture?

    • b. Does it include any e-commerce platform? If so, which product supports this capability?

    • c. Where has this been implemented?

    • d. Does the offering cover retail store, if so what is the architecture and where has it been implemented?

  • Target market:

    • a. In which regions are Vendor X and Systems Integrator Y trying to sell this offering?

    • b. Are they targeting specific CSP Tiers?

    • c. Specific LOBs and customer segments (wireless, wireline, business, residential etc.)

  • Since the announcement, has this offering been implemented in any communications service provider? Provide:

    • a. Name of the service provider

    • b. Lines of business and customer segment it supports

    • c. Scope of the implementation – what BSS components are part of the project

    • d. Architecture of the implementation

    • e. Is it planned to replace any of the known BSS ISVs

    • f. What are the timelines for the planned phases?

    • g. Has any phase gone live? If so, when and for what scope?

    • h. Does the project include digital elements? If so what is the planned architecture and scope?


From Vendor Cloud Solutions Project:

  • What is Vendor X's main business value proposition of its BSS Cloud solution (Billing / CRM / Ordering) as it relates to CSPs?

  • What features of Vendor X’s BSS cloud offering are included “out-of-the-box”? What is unique about these features (different from other vendors)?

  • What are the unique add-ons offered by Vendor X’s BSS cloud offering?

  • What areas of Vendor X’s BSS cloud offering are configurable? For example, is the product catalogue configurable? are screens configurable?

  • What are the typical contract terms and conditions with respect to:

  • What is the SLA offered (please provide samples).

  • Other commitments offered to Communications Service Providers.

  • Who are Vendor X’s partners – for applications, platforms, services? Please provide as much detail about the nature of these partnerships as possible.

  • Please outline Vendor X’s typical pricing models:

    • Is your typical model for CSPs per sub, per user, per transaction, revenue share, etc.?

    • Is there a fixed pricing for Vendor X’s various platforms / implementation scenarios / customizations?

    • What are the typical charge-out rates for implementations (human resources, materials, instances, etc.) for systems integration, product catalogue population, migration etc.?

    • Does Vendor X offer a Pay-as-you-Go pricing model or are there minimum commitment periods for your solution?

  • What are the typical services and costs of Vendor X’s Project Support Organization (PSO)?

    • Does Vendor X offer Pricing Packages (for example, client’s pay a fixed price per month to receive unlimited customizations and 24x7support)?

  • Please provide the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of four Communications Service Providers where similar implementations have been conducted in the past three years. Please provide a description of the scope of each project, the number of resources (human and material) deployed in each project, and the deal value of each project.

  • Please respond to the following commercial questions:

    • What was Vendor X’s annual revenue for each of the last three years?

    • What was Vendor X’s Full Time Equivalent (FTE) strength for each of the   last three years?

    • In each of the last three years, approximately, what share of your FTE was dedicated to servicing CSPs?

    • Please provide as much detail as possible on Vendor X’s financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement) for the last three years.









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